Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am agitated to this term above since it describes perfectly the kind of human behavior which i hate most. For me, this is the main cause of racism, conflicts, and many huge fights that happen between us, the civilized human species.
Let me give you a situation. Did u play games at Garena? If u did, then it'll be easier for u to imagine the situation. In garena, gamers can chat to each other in a chat room, so much similar to the one they had in mirc channel.

But the different is, they are hell lot more racist in Garena, no need to blame anyone and as time goes by, this conflict become more and more terrible. Actually, if u think using the brain u had on your head (unless if u were born without it), there's nothing much to argue between two anonymous person because there are no issues, but those people out there, always do so especially when they know that the other person come from a different race. Sometimes, they'll accuse others with many bad accusation such as 'noob' 'hackers' 'lagger' (these are the jargon in garena) So beware, if u want to play in Garena, make sure u use a name that didnt show your race. Unlike me, my ID is ikan_berenang. lol

Without knowing how the person looks like, his behaviour, background, they tend to generalized people and think prejudice of the people on the other side. Maybe because he is malay, then he must be lazy and rude, or maybe because he is chinese, then he is a cheater. Thats generalization and preconception. Besides, the arguement was so childish, but based on sensitive issues. Maybe if we let this happen, in 10 to 20 years time, it can trigger the same dark,cold blooded accident we had on 13th may?We erased that already right?

"whats there to argue for?u want the best for your family, your life, or maybe your race, are those dirty words gonna help it"

So, the point I want to stand for today is, dont simply judge people like that because if both side think prejudice of each other, how can we live in harmony?This is applicable to many situations in fact. If I see a male teenager riding an EX5 with his friends at 3am, I would think that he cant be trusted. Worst if he had a girl at the back of the seat. But maybe i was wrong, he can be a decent guy rushing to a nearby hospital for emergency with his sick mom and accompanied by his brothers =) Tell me yours?

U can get your lessons everywhere dont u think so?


Faraheen Hazirah said...

yeah, pmpn yg pki tudung bese2 je x semestinya x snonoh. n pmpn yg pki purdah x smstnye baek hati. huhu.. sorry nyemak kejap ;P

JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam ramadhan dari ex-kmbian di bumi eire.. blog hopping.. rajin2, meh laa lompat2 ke my blog.. :)