Monday, October 6, 2008

Aiseh..Balik Kolej daaa..

Coretan Pasar..

"Esok aku akan kembali ke tempat bekerja ku (the best way to describe my college)..
Berat mata melihat,berat lagi bahu memikul..
Punya la malas kaki ini nak melangkah..naik bus lama,bawak beg usang..
nak packing..masyaallh..leceh maa..
Semangat raya tak abis lagi..kena tukar mood study plak.

"Bukan nak pandang negative kat kolej sendiri tapi serius aku rasa macam tu..
Kenapa pon aku tak tahu.."

"Baik aku tak payah sebut pasal mende2 yang perlu n etc..
Pastu nak menghadapi konflik-konflik budak-budak pandai ni..

"MAybe sebab takde mende menarik kot..maklumlah..tempat study..
Lu nak berhibur gi tempat lain la.."

"Pe pulak,kat KMB ade pe sports karnival..
Best tuu,,bleh main-main, keluarkan peluh..
Rapatkan silaturrahim..
Hiburan gak tuh.."

"ala, karnival pebendanye..
Budak-budak die bukan semangat pon..
turun malas..
support jangan harap la..
Semangat kesukanan atas kertas..
Kalo tak melibatkan placement and marks..
buang masa je pegi.."

"tapi bukan semua macam tu..
ada gak yang semangat.."

"yela tu..tengok macam aku..
tiap-tiap petang ibadah..
tido beb.."

"ha'a..nak main bukan meriah pon.."

"takkan semua menda bosan..
abis camne ko boleh hidup kat sana?"

"ada membe-membe..
tu yang lebih menarik dari menda-menda lain.."

"Mungkin..mungkin itu la yang boleh buat dorongan untuk aku
pergi sana..
selain untuk mengejar cita-cita ku.."

p/s: looking forward to see u my friends..welcome back :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Missing Chances

"I Lost the Cornetto"

18 years of living would not be long enough to teach me the meaning of life..but maybe it is just enough to make me realize about how cruel the life is.

Day to day, i am thinking about the chances that i had missed in every part of my life. Just now, my friend asked me to have supper with him but I refused. On the way back home, he got an ice cream from my other friend. Probably, if I strained my legs and went to supper with him, I might get an ice cream too and I can smile happily for the whole night. what a waste!

Maybe that example is too simple and you cant see the main objective of me writing this post. But try to think about something that u had missed, something bigger, more significant and can bring a lot of disappointment by loosing it.

"We Lose it"

For KMBian, maybe u do realize that we already passed the chance of pursuing our study in one of the most famous, high prestige and reliable university in the world. We had the chance once. Maybe some of u do not want to be there, but just imagine. U had the opportunities and it gone as the wind blows. Only some of us manage to hold the chance, still.

How about the chance of having someone that u like and the chance is vanished. Maybe u spoiled it or someone else had took it away from you. Or maybe both of u were separated by the situation. But still. Before that, the chances were already in your hand.

Many of us realize that we lose the chances when we grow older. SPM is one of the best example where we were separated to a different way of life. Some are taking engineering, account, law, or teaching. And worst, some are doing nothing because of the opportunities they had lost. Only one little spot in your life, altered everything.

The chances were gone because of the decision that we made. We choose not to study hard and lose the chance of pursuing study to the place we want. We took the decision of remain still and did not approach her to spur out our feelings and again, we lose the chance.

"There's no undo"

Trust me, we will regret in the future if we failed it. I am regretting about many things in my life and none of them can be rewind. And I cant afford to lose more. So, right now, I am trying as best as I can to appreciate the chances that were given, so that there will be no more regret in the future. It is worth fighting for.

The best is yet to come..grab it and handle it well..

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Honey oh honey. U stink!

There it cute little princess smiling at u because u have curry on your nose and u fall with the loveliness of the smile and return home with delight, pride and big story to tell to your loyal friends or even worst, being lovesick! Without realizing that she laughed at u because of your stupidity.

But what are those chicks meant for?is it true that they were made for us?why do we fall for them and allocate a huge valued spot in our heart for them?is it worth it?

There are too many questions that come out from my mind when we talk about girls. but one point that I want to highlight here is can they become a healer instead of a torturer?
Many of us did not realize that most of the time, girl can be one of the factors that restrict us to achieve our mission as a man (ambitious sket)

They are the problems but I don't blame them in this case because they are just the factor or stimulator, but we are the one who drive it and hurt ourselves.

  • Ive seen my friends willing to made a u-turn at highway (toll) just to see for a second time the toll girl that took away his heart. Its just an accidentally touch to her hand when my friend want to take away the ticket and he was crazy for her. They can hypnotize and make us look like a dumb when we lost our rationality. Prophet Muhammad once said that women is the demolisher and we should beware of them.
  • The other one willing to rent a car every week to drive off to Gopeng from Dengkil to meet his girl.
  • Shouting from male hostel repeatedly hoping that the girl he likes hear it from her block. Crazy right?
And many more. these are all my experiences by observing my friends and they are all true. Forgive me if yours included. Imagine, this is only part of my experiences, there are a hell lots more. How about others?their experiences and u?

And I confidently sure that there are many of you who have your own precious experience about being hypnotized by a girl yourself including me. I am sharing with you next time. OK?

Sometimes we become confused to give the priorities to the things we should and ended with surrendering to their soft-spoken talk and wasting our time. Whether u realize it or not,they are, they can become the limitation that we should get rid off and concentrating on our main objectives. Maybe if we can overcome this one, many of us will get a magnificent result of 42 points in our semester exam in KMB and we can achieve more. Just name it, Cambridge, Oxford?u got it..Perhaps..

But there are exceptions, if the girl can inspire u and turn u to a hero from the useless zero, u know what u should do.

p/s: I am not encouraging u to search for your lover neither discouraging u to be in love. Think for yourself for nobody...but u..


Happy independence day to all..

its 51st already and it seems like yesterday when I heard about our 43rd merdeka celebration..8 years had passed and I can do nothing about that, but all that I can do is put on colors to my life as much as I can with desired self satisfactions, beautiful memories and unforgettable experiences. I will.

Enough about all the problems, ear-hurting hearsays, conflicts, hate, anger and jealousy that are extremely unnecessary. Right about now, lets appreciate the contribution made by our warriors by having a sugary, content yet valuable life.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jarang dan Kejarangan

Tgk..sedang bersantap bersama rakan-rakan..
Aku dikejutkan dgan jeritan (hiperbola) seorang sahabat yang tergamam kerana
rokok yang dibelinya (beli je, xisap) mengandungi sebatang rokok yang orang putih kate upside down..wacha!!!

Hal ini mustahil, sebab kalo sebatang rokok dikeluarkan dalam sekotak penuh, nak masukkan balik mashallah..tunggulah kucing bermekap sekalipun xmasuk-masuk..

Lihat,kadang-kadang kejarangan itu berlaku tanpa kita sedari dan ia bukanlah atas kehendak kita..Sama ada kita jarang, atau nak jadi jarang ataupun tak jadi jarang..peduli ape..

Mesejnya, jgnlah berputus harapan terhadap sesuatu kerana
harapan itu tetap ada walaupun mustahil..ia dipanggil keajaiban..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The dying hope

Hope and hoping..


what do we get?
after all the agony with tears and sweat..
years and years had proceed,
but it still looks unattainable to succeed..

where's the hero among the zero?
or they are busy with the GRO..
where's the leader and the saviour?
or they are all occupied by the fear..

p/s: my short artwork..for us..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Finally.. this is the place where I want my words to be display..
and anything can happen here from the speeches of Osama Ben Laden to the comment about a picture of a maniac peeing at the side of the road..

But surely most of them is about something that happen around me..(of course ak!)
Waa..don't have enough time to finish up my writing..anyway, wish me luck, ok?