Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Missing Chances

"I Lost the Cornetto"

18 years of living would not be long enough to teach me the meaning of life..but maybe it is just enough to make me realize about how cruel the life is.

Day to day, i am thinking about the chances that i had missed in every part of my life. Just now, my friend asked me to have supper with him but I refused. On the way back home, he got an ice cream from my other friend. Probably, if I strained my legs and went to supper with him, I might get an ice cream too and I can smile happily for the whole night. what a waste!

Maybe that example is too simple and you cant see the main objective of me writing this post. But try to think about something that u had missed, something bigger, more significant and can bring a lot of disappointment by loosing it.

"We Lose it"

For KMBian, maybe u do realize that we already passed the chance of pursuing our study in one of the most famous, high prestige and reliable university in the world. We had the chance once. Maybe some of u do not want to be there, but just imagine. U had the opportunities and it gone as the wind blows. Only some of us manage to hold the chance, still.

How about the chance of having someone that u like and the chance is vanished. Maybe u spoiled it or someone else had took it away from you. Or maybe both of u were separated by the situation. But still. Before that, the chances were already in your hand.

Many of us realize that we lose the chances when we grow older. SPM is one of the best example where we were separated to a different way of life. Some are taking engineering, account, law, or teaching. And worst, some are doing nothing because of the opportunities they had lost. Only one little spot in your life, altered everything.

The chances were gone because of the decision that we made. We choose not to study hard and lose the chance of pursuing study to the place we want. We took the decision of remain still and did not approach her to spur out our feelings and again, we lose the chance.

"There's no undo"

Trust me, we will regret in the future if we failed it. I am regretting about many things in my life and none of them can be rewind. And I cant afford to lose more. So, right now, I am trying as best as I can to appreciate the chances that were given, so that there will be no more regret in the future. It is worth fighting for.

The best is yet to come..grab it and handle it well..